Psychological and Pedagogical Consultancy

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 16.03.2015
The Municipality of Fatih, Department of Women, Family and Education has initiated psychological and pedagogical consultancy service in Çarşamba Çukurbostan Yavuz Selim Wellness Center.

The consultancy center, in which any kind of problem regarding families and children can be consulted on, is serving residents of Fatih for five days per week. In addition to problems of children about their schools, families and friends, the department provides support for puberty problems and problems of adults regarding family or especially marriage, and thus contributes to the development of healthy relationships among all members of the society with their recommendations and guidances. Residents of Fatih wanting to receive consultancy services from the department, in which specialist pedagogues and psychologists are enrolled, must call the Department of Women, Family and Education by dialing 0212 521 53 53 to get an appointment.