Fatih got together at Protocol Iftar Dinner

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Historical Peninsula got together at Iftar dinner hosted by Mustafa Demir Mayor of Fatih Municipality

Traditional protocol iftar dinner which was organized by Fatih Municipality and highly attended each year and was also held in Fatih Municipality Topkapı Social Facilities this year. District Governer Ahmet Ümit, Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Rector of Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak Ahmet, Mufti of Fatih District İrfan Üstündağ and AK Party District Head of Fatih Ahmet Hamdi Görk attended to the iftar dinner which were held open-air in the facilities next to historical walls of Topkapı. Council Members of Fatih Municipality, district protocol members, non-governmental organizations, political party representatives, rectors of universities in the district, head of schools in the district, directors of sports clubs, mukhtars, martyrs of families were also present at the iftar dinner.


Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir, the owner of iftar dinner which was held in the shades of historical walls, met the guests at the door. Before the iftar, Mayor Demir visited the tables and attended to guests personally. Mayor Demir who gave speech after iftar dinner at which unity, solidarity messages were given, thanked to the guests for their attendance saying “Our friends who serve to Fatih were with us for our traditional iftar this evening in this historical place in the shades of the walls which represents the Conquest.”

Demir who implied that Ramadan, the month of mercy, abundance and forgiveness regains emotions of the unity, solidarity and sharing which are lost in modern lives, stating that they act regarding the responsibilities given by the social aspect of Ramadan told the importance of street iftar dinners.

Demir said, “Our street iftar dinners which were first held in 2005 during pedestrianization of Yedikule Gençağa Street, they are ongoing this year as well. Every evening, we let the poor and rich meet around the same dinner table. We share the same bread and same meal around the same dinner table. We build bridges of love by bringing the neighbors who live on the same street but may not know each other.  While our children who are the inheritor of our future are happy to be at the same iftar table with their elders, we spread the seeds of sharing, conversation and love. Our dinner tables will continue until the end of Ramadan.

After going up to rostrum following Mayor Demir, mentioning the meaning and importance of Ramadan, District Governor Ahmet Ümit said that Ramadan should be used in the best way. Rector of Istanbul University, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak Ahmet also gave a speech and saluted the participants of iftar dinner.

The iftar dinner which the spirituality were felt next to the historical ended after the pray of Mufti of Fatih District İrfan Üstündağ.