Cycling Tour in the Historical Peninsula

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 18.11.2015
Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, deputy mayors and unit managers cycled through the historical areas in the district and received information about the historical artifacts.

Mayor Demir said that the cycling tour is both a sports activity and a rare organization for visiting the historical places.

The cycling tour commenced by Fatih Municipality for getting to know the historical peninsula as well as promoting it and to encourage sports activities still continues.

During the organization, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir cycled with his deputy mayors and the unit directors at the weekend, visited the historical walls, wall gates, lodgings, fountains and other historical artifacts and obtained information from the guides.

Starting the tour from the Mimar Sinan Stadium, the commission toured Sulukule, Edirnekapı, Anemas Dungeons and other places along the shoreline. Taking a break in the Fatih Municipality Social Facilities, Mayor Demir provided information about the event. "It is an organization that can tell people about the historical places while they cycle on certain days of the week and where they can cycle around the historical walls and see all the gates and important areas and obtain historical information about them. The instructors are very professional in what they do. They cycle as well. We put an earphone on one ear. We obtained information about the fountain, madrasah, mosque, lodgings and other artifacts during the trip.

We are seeing, feeling and living İstanbul which is considered the center of the world and the historical peninsula which is considered the heart of Istanbul, Eminönü and the historical artifacts here, while at the same time doing sports" said Demir, and continued:

"We do this frequently as the Municipality of Fatih. We are using electric bicycles. Istanbul has its climbs and downslope. For transportation, we are activating the electric to provide support when going uphill and it makes the trip more comfortable. We are trying not to use the electric, but it's surely useful when you need to."