Sulukule Has Its Art Academy Now!

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Carried into effect by Fatih Municipality in order to grow artists of the future, Sulukule Arts Academy has been put into service by the Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu who attended the opening ceremony.

Fatih Municipality carried out an important project to grow the artists of the future and opened the Sulukule Arts Academy which will provide training at the conservatory level. The opening ceremony has been attended by many citizens including Health Minister Fatih Müezzinoğlu and Fatih District Mayor Mustafa Demir.

Full Marks to the Artists by the Minister Müezzinoğlu

Eda Özülkü, Metin Özülkü, Ferda Anıl Yarkın and Hakan Aysev, who are the members of the group called ‘’Penguenler’’ and took the stage during the program made sure that everyone had an unforgettable day. Minister Müezzinoğlu congratulated the artists, watching the musical concert with interest.

Protocol members and artists cut together the opening ribbon in the opening ceremony. Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu and Mayor Mustafa Demir looked around the Academy following the opening ceremony, accompanied by the artists.

‘’Enormous Contribution for the Young Ones’’

Stating that Sulukule Arts Academy will provide an important contribution in young people's life Minister Müezzinoğlu said: ''You can find any kind of art in this center which heals the soul. We cannot think that our children only solve tests. We cannot consider them as successful only when they get diplomas. That would be the greatest harm to our own children whom we love more than ourselves. It is not only the directors' but also our responsibility to provide an environment supporting the children's mental development, contributing to and revealing the development of their differences of their soul which should be evaluated by parents at the same time.

Emphasizing that the project should have already been accomplished, Minister Müezzinoğlu continued his speech by stating that: '' Today we have opened a center which should have been done before. We should have already taken these steps and have been in a further position in Fatih. It is no use to regret. We will protect our future all together by being aware of the troubles we had yesterday. Beautiful presentations have been staged by our artists. They singed ‘’how wonderful it is to be with you…’’ And it is same for us the politicians. We say ‘’how wonderful it is to be with you, with our people. It feeds our souls too.’’

‘’This Academy Will Transform the Ore into the Jewellery’’

Mayor Mustafa Demir emphasized that the Academy will provide a conservatory level training in many different branches to young people and added that: ''We have two types of training at the Academy, which consists of hobby and academy trainings. Students attending to the Academy are those who were able to pass the pre-selection examination and accepted by our professors coming from the university. We have currently 170 students. They will be taking training for 4 semesters. When they complete their training, they will have taken semi conservatory training.''

Mayor Demir also said children who are getting training at the Academy have passed a certain evaluation and this Academy is in fact a place which will transform the ore into the jewellery. He said that ''Those children will be well trained by the teachers. If they want, they can start their conservatory training very easily. We will support them till the end. There's an age limit. Children between the ages of 7 and 14 or over can have training here. Thus, we have 2 classes for the age groups.

Those who came to the Academy got a chance to use the Big Piano for the first time in the opening ceremony and shared the most colorful moments.