“Dear Mayor of the World’s Heart, Welcome to Our School…”

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 21.12.2015
Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of the Municipality of Fatih has been welcomed with a very interesting statement in the school he has visited as part of weekly school visits. Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of the Municipality of Fatih who visits schools in the morning before course hours and gets together with students and school principals has visited Atatürk İmam Hatip Secondary School this week. Bayram Kefeli, The School Principal has welcomed him with the statement of “Dear Mayor of the World’s Heart, Welcome to Our School.”

The School Principal Bayram Kefeli has introduced the Mayor Mustafa Demir after meeting him at the school entrance. Kefeli said, “Since Istanbul is the heart of the world, and Fatih is the heart of Istanbul, Dear Mayor of the World’s Heart, Welcome to Our School…” Kefeli has thanked Mayor Demir for using every means of the municipality available on behalf of their school, just as other schools in the district and gave the microphone to Demir.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Fatih Mustafa Demir said by addressing students that “I’m here as a brother, father, elder of you. As Atatürk said before, you are the ones who will bring our country to the level of contemporary civilization. Studying hard and getting high marks in exams are not enough. You need to develop yourself with positive and social sciences. It is also important to be aware of self-confidence, take care of rights, the law, know the concepts of respect, love and responsibility. As a person who has never left the sport throughout my life, I’d say that it is also important to play sports for a healthy future. Every school in the district which has sufficient space has been equipped with indoor sports halls. Unfortunately, your school does not have enough space, but we have other plans.” Mayor Demir said, “since I was not living in Istanbul when I was a child, I grow up by imagining the capital of Ottoman Empire, eras of Ottoman Sultans such as Yavuz Sultan Selim, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and surely Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and places they lived. You live within the history itself, in a district within walking distance to graves of these great persons. You are very fortunate compared to me. However, do not forget that you also have a responsibility.”

At the end of his speech, the School Council has presented a plaque of appreciation to Mayor Demir due to his services. Then, they all went and saw every part of the school together, and exchanged their ideas about works to do.