Kitties Street Musical

Date : 30.01.2016 11:00:00
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

Once upon a time, in an unknown place, there was a street habited by kitties. The kitties street. However, this street was split into two as Catcity and Catvillage and two could never communicate with each other. In the catcity, the house cats living in luxurious apartments and beloved by their owners considered themselves superior to stray cats and believed they are more beautiful, special, talented and noble. The stray cats considered themselves superior to house cats as well, and believed they were the ones who are beautiful, special and talented. The watchman of the cat’s street was a good friend of the puppy, who believed in love, respect, sharing and fellowship, who was smart and nice and did his best to maintain unity among the cats. While the house cats and stray cats who cannot share the kitties street continued to be in conflict, one night Pamuk is discarded by her owners and left in the street, whereupon everything changes. We are waiting for you, our lovely friends, to the kitties street where love, respect, sharing and fellowship are narrated. Meoww...

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