Don't Let Your Residual Oil Go to Waste

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 22.01.2016
Fatih Municipality Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control collects waste oils and recycles them to prevent environmental pollution.

Waste oils have ecotoxic properties and therefore they pollute the environment and cause harm to the organisms living in the same environment. It pollutes underground water and affects the existence of underwater organisms, causes obstruction in sewer systems and waste water treatment facilities and an increase in pollution load, thereby increasing operation and maintenance costs and causes pollution when it is poured in the soil. Studies show that 25% of waste water pollution consists of used vegetable and animal oils.  A research made in USA shows that residual oils poured in the sink cause 40% obstruction in the sewer systems.

132,000 Liters of Oil Has Been Recycled

Fatih Municipality Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control advises residents to bring the herbal waste oils they stored at home to the waste oil collection points located in our head of neighborhood offices and in the Information Houses of Fatih Municipality in order to avoid such pollution as mentioned above. Moreover, enterprises in Fatih can call 0212 584 16 00 (Ext. 166) and contact the directorate in order to obtain information on this matter and procure a waste oil contract. As a result of these works, 132,075 liters of waste oil was collected and recycled between January to November of 2015.