Reed Flute Training

Training Duration; 120 hours, Weekly Lesson Hours; 2 Hours

It is the program in which the acquisition of knowledge and skills of being able to perform reed flute which is one of the main instruments of Turkish music with a religious, moral and mystical value in accordance with its attitude, technical and ethic is aimed.

Subject Headings; Definition and maintenance of reed flute, basic elements of music, sitting and holding in blowing reed flute and phonation technique, mild and moderate blowing, cold and severe blowing, sounds obtained by light and hot blowing, tempos and seyir in Turkish music, simple, collapsed and compound Turkish music mode, improvization and transposition.

Employment Areas; Those who get training in this program can find work opportunities according to their competences in the music industry in addition to their self-development in the field of music.

Target Audience; Adults / 7-14 Age Common (Hobi) / 7-14 Age Academy groups