Get Cancer Screening for Free

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 29.01.2016
Within the scope of the study carried out jointly by Fatih Community Health Center and Fatih Municipality, you can get your cervical and bowel cancer screening free of charge in the Family Health Centers in Fatih.

Certain types of cancer can be detected at a very early period, yet even before the cancer occurs, through various tests. These tests carried out are called as cancer screening. In our country, free screening programs are conducted for cervical cancer and bowel cancer by Ministry of Health through the Provincial Health Directorates.

Cervical Cancer Screening

In cervical cancer screening that every woman between 30-65 years must have in every 5 years, HPV virus test which is 100 percent agent of cervical cancer and the smear test are performed. Screenings are performed completely free of charge in all Family Health Centers in Fatih.

Bowel Cancer Screening

All Fatih residents can have bowel screening test, that everyone who is 50 years and over must have biyearly and in which early diagnosis has great important as in all kinds of cancer, completely free of charge in the Family Health Centers. You can get information about the subject from all Family Physicians, Fatih Public Health Center and Istanbul Directorate of Public Health.