Prince Of Smiles

Date : 13.02.2016 11:00:00
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

Once upon a time, there was a prince not in a faraway land, but in a very close one. This prince had 2 assistants. These were the Smile Fairy and the Smile Guard. The prince distributed smiles to all the kids in the world with his assistants.  He counted smiles one by one, and send smiles to kids who didn't smile. They ate chocolate to unwind. However, this cheerful land has enemies too. These enemies were called the "Smile Kidnappers". One day, the "Smile Kidnappers" decided to kidnap smiles in order to prevent the Prince and his assistants from distributing smiles to kids. The Prince, Smile Fairy and Smile Guard resisted them well and gave them a lesson, teaching them how good and important smiling is. Approaching the vital value of smiling for children as well as for adults in a fantastic setting, our play is a work of art which kids 5 to 12 years of age will surely enjoy.

You can obtain your free Ticket for the play from Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center.