Onur Erdal

"Getting to Know Mankind" Comparison of İbrahim Hakkı from Erzurum with Pierre Bourdieuo
Date : 15.02.2016 18:00:00
Location : İstanbul Design Center

"And Cinema!", brought to you by TRT   Having worked as director and editor in the programs "Ateş-i  Aşk (Fire of Love)",    “Büyük   Takip (Great Pursuit)”,”Kültür Sanat (Culture and Art)”, “Haber     Tadında (Just Like News)” and “10’dan  Sonra (After 10)” and lectured in various places on Sociology and Cinema and Television, Onur Erdal invites all enthusiasts to his seminar titled "Getting to Know Mankind" where he will address the topic "Comparison of İbrahim Hakkı from Erzurum with Pierre Bourdieuo" in Istanbul Design Center. We are pleased to invite you to this event.