Mayor Mustafa Demir to Meet the Guides

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Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir, told the guides about the tourism activities of the Historical Peninsula.

Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir, came together with the guides for International Tourist Guide Day at Topkapı Social Facilities. Mustafa Demir told the guides about the projects of tourism activities in the Historical Peninsula and said that the restoration works at Grand Bazaar would start at the end of this March.

On International Tourist Guide Day, guides were hosted for lunch by Fatih Municipality. Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir and many guides attended the lunch at Topkapı Social Facilities.

Mustafa Demir, who gave a speech there, stated that Fatih is a historical peninsula and they have been working on ways to highlight commercial and touristic potentials of Fatih and putting them on practice.

Mayor Mustafa Demir said “Fatih was attached to us when I was the mayor in 2004. Eminönü really had a great potential in terms of tourism and I was jealous. We had our major aims there, too. We were together with Başaran Ulusoy and tourist guides then. We were searching for the ways to enlarge the tourism potential which seemed to be stuck at and around Sultanahmet. Chora Museum, Palace of Porphyrogenitus, Ayvansaray Turkish Quarters, Balat, Fener and Zeyrek were among our aims. When we compare these areas to Sultanahmet, these are living places. We aimed for an improved Fatih and we hoped that the tourists would stay in Istanbul for longer periods. We started out with such aims. Eminönü joined us afterwards and we were really happy for that. We had endless works for highlighting the touristic and commercial potentials of these areas and we made them real.”

“Constructions are to Start at the End of This March at Grand Bazaar”

Mustafa Demir, who gave information about the restorations in Grand Bazaar, said “We are currently working on Grand Bazaar. Hopefully we will start from its roof at the end of this March. It has been awaiting for centuries. There are water tanks, urinals, air conditioning systems on the roof. It has everything except for roof tiles. Hopefully we will start from the top, continue with the ground and renovate everywhere.”

“We are Planning to Build a Bicycle Lane”

Mayor Mustafa Demir, upon stating that they aimed to build bicycle lanes, said “We wanted the suburban lane from Sirkeci to Yedikule to be a bicycle lane. Our works have started and been continuing. We are planning to build a road from Yedikule to Ayvansaray and Ayvansaray to Sarayburnu through the city walls which can be accessed on foot and with bicycles but this exceeds the limits of the district municipalities. We will try our best to make it real.”