Topkapı Kaleiçi Park Has Been Renewed

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 04.03.2016
Located in Topkapı Quarter, Bican Bağcıoğlu Yokuşu, Kaleiçi and having lost its function, the park has been renewed and commissioned into service for the citizens by Fatih Municipality, Directorate of Parks and Gardens.

A project design was made for the Kaleiçi park in Topkapı Quarter to be re-arranged by Fatih Municipality, Directorate of Parks and Gardens upon heavy requests by the residents of the area. As the park covers a total of 1,040 square meters, the seating and recreation areas, playgrounds, gym area, square area, walking tracks and green areas have been renewed with the new arrangement. As the park has been put to use for the citizens, a playground will soon be deployed in it as well.