The Heroic Grasshopper

Date : 12.03.2016 11:00:00
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

In this play, the Heroic Grasshopper is an inventor. He makes new inventions to make the lives of the forest residents easier.  A car that will allow ants to carry their loads faster and with less efforts, 'Wheelbus', a super skateboard that will allow the turtle to go faster and many others. However, his inventions frowned upon by the residents of the forest and the Heroic Grasshopper is casted out. The only resident of the forest that is interested in the Heroic Grasshopper's inventions is the Cunny Fox. His purpose is to sell the inventions to the residents of the forest to earn money, however, the Heroic Grasshopper refuses that and says that he made these inventions only to facilitate the lives of the residents of the forest.

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