Dream World

Date : 27.03.2016 11:00:00
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

There are good and evil in this story as in all stories. Everything is vivid and colorful from Mıstık the apprentice who wants to be a confectioner to Ms. Pink Candy who is the owner of Dreams Bakery, from Ms. Sesame who is the ambitious owner of the Sesame Bakery to the Ostentatious Ms. Fashionista.
Everything is fine in the Dreams Bakery that has incredible pies, giant candies and desserts which you will want to have while watching the play.
It is renowned throughout the city of Istanbul.
The Sesame Bakery across the street, however, doesn't make business at all. Desperate because of her ambition and her envy, Ms. Sesame does a very bad thing and causes Ms. Pink Candy's shop to close its doors to business.
Do you think Ms. Sesame will regret what she did?
Can Ms. Pink Candy reopen her shop and continue to make amazing pies? Let's watch all together!

You can obtain your free Ticket for the play from Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center.