Contiued Courses in the Training Unit

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Computer Operating and Courses of Point Lace within the Woman, Family and Training Unit of Fatih Municipality

The trainings organized by the Woman, Family and Training Unit of Fatih Municipality and Public Education Center of Fatih is continuing. You can get information via telephone number; 90212 521 53 53, on the courses that accept the applicants residing in Fatih and the applications made in person.

Computer Operating Courses

Trainees attending in Computer Operating Programs will have a chance to learn not only typing in computer but also graph drawing, programming, presentation and internet operations. The subjects in the training are computer using, bases of operating systems, advanced features of operating systems, word processor program, electronic spreadsheets, preparing presentations, internet and e-mail management. Trainees can contribute to their personal development and increase their employability.

Course of Point Lace

Point Lace courses known as "Turkish lace" in world litterature has knitting technique and last for 216 hours. In Point Lace training program, trainees will gain point lace making skills with several tecniques and get trained on traditioal Turkish needlework arts, pattern designs, point lace, ironing, maintenance and protection of needleworks and fabric repair techniques. Employment Analysis: Trainees educated in this branch will be able to work in organizations, workshops and fashion houses serving on handicraft technologies, touristic items and souvenirs, pattern, dowry hand embroidery and machine embroidery; they can also mape productions at home.