Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir, came together with families of martyrs…

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Mayor Demir said “Learn about Çanakkale, teach about Çanakkale. Do not forget, do not cause to forget”. Fatih District Governor Ahmet Ümit, Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir, Fatih District Director of National Education Mucip Kına, Mufti of Fatih İrfan Üstündağ and families of martyrs in the district have attended the program which was held in Fatih Municipality Topkapı Social Facilities Center.

Mayor Mustafa Demir, in his speech which started with remembrance of our sacred soldiers who died for this country, martyrs of their jobs and innocent civilians with love, respect, mercy and gratitude, said “Sadly, human brain is prone to forget about bad things. Pains of war, poverty, hunger, sickness…

But “History” should remain as a common memory which should not be forgotten. Because history  repeats itself and those who write history are the winners. If we want to be a nation to shape human history, dominate it, and open a period just as we once were, we should know our history well, take our lessons from it and most importantly, not forget it. Battle of Dardanelles tells us that we should protect our nation, country and flag ideals. It tells us about ancestor’s going into the war as if they are going into a rose garden without any shoes, without any armor, without a shroud. It tells us about under which circumstances they protected their country, nation, flag and freedom. The games played on these lands have never ended. Nor it stopped the blood from shedding. From Dardanelles to today, we have had many martyrs. Some families of these martyrs are here among us. We share your great pain and feel proud for you at the same time. In this holy day, in which we are have such a rush of many deep and mixed feelings, I am glad to see you with us. On the occasion of this program, I celebrate our nation’s Çanakkale victory with all my heart and soul.” Mayor Demir finished his words with “Learn about Çanakkale, teach about Çanakkale. Do not forget, do not cause to forget.” Mayor Mustafa Demir then walked around the tables and asked after them.