Mayor Demir to Condemn İstiklal Attack

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 24.03.2016
Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir, organized a walk out as a reaction to terrorism to protest against the bomb attack which took place in İstiklal Street with other mayors and many NGO representatives.

To protest against the bomb attack in İstiklal Street, many mayors and NGO representatives walked to the point on which the bomb attack took place and reacted to terrorism. Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir and the people with him left cloves on the attacked area.

A walk out protesting terrorism was organized after the bomb attack which took place in Taksim, İstiklal Street last Saturday. AK Party Provincial Chairman Selim Temurci, Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Beyoğlu Municipality Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Mayor of Bayrampaşa Municipality Atila Aydıner, Mayor of Esenler Municipality M. Tevfik Göksü and many non-governmental organization representatives came together in Taksim Square. Both groups walked to the point where the attack took place and reacted to terrorism.


AK Party Provincial Chairman Selim Temurci said “This walk out we joined today was actually the one which showed that in the process we have all been through, we, all humanity can walk together hand in hand and be of one voice, one heart. We are all together here with our mayors and consuls. We have lost our guests which came to visit our country. People are being killed in our lands today. Terrorist organizations join their power to virtually challenge Turkey. This challenge is not only against Turkey, it is against the democracy and all our virtues in Turkey. In the event of Brussels, we have seen that terrorism is not only in Ankara, it is in Paris, not only in İstanbul, it is in Brussels. Terrorism is the biggest crime against humanity against which we all have to be opposed to. We want terrorism to stop for the humanity.”


Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir, who also walked to protest terrorism with a giant Turkish flag with the people, said “We condemn terror and terrorism. Belgium saw a really bitter and unfortunate event today. 3 bombs exploded in Brussels. It is a problem of the world as it seems. It’s not only a problem of Paris, Ankara, Istanbul, nor is it only a problem of Brussels. When you throw a stone at the dead calm sea, it touches all around. This is the way the world is dealing with this calamity of terrorism at the moment. One of the aims of terrorism is to suppress people and create fear, to make the society lose its composure. We, as Fatih, as tourism professionals, as artisans in Fatih, support our friends in İstiklal. We believe this will be cleared in unity and solidarity”.

Mayor Demir handed out cloves to artisans of Istiklal Street and gave them moral support.