“A Hardworking Mayor, A Lover of Education…”

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 04.04.2016
Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir, was greeted by students holding posters in the school he visited as a part of his visitations of one school per every week.

Mustafa Demir, who visited schools before the lessons started, came together with both school administrators and members of School Council in Cibali Secondary School. School Principal Halit Akçay greeted Mayor Mustafa Demir at school entrance and they went to ceremonial area afterwards. There, the students made a surprise to Mayor Demir with applauses and posters they hold in their hands. He was greeted with “Our Mayor, Our Honor” “Welcome to our School, Dear Mayor”and “A Hardworking Mayor, A Lover of Education” posters and said that it was the first time he was greeted with posters and it was a great surprise for him.

School Principal Halit Akçay thanked Mayor Demir for he has provided mobilization of all opportunities of the municipality for all schools in Fatih County and handed the microphone to him.

Mayor Mustafa Demir, addressing to the students, underlined the fact that they had Suleymaniye Mosque at one side, Golden Horn and Yavuz Selim Mosque at the other. He said “When I was a kid, I was educated outside Istanbul and I grew up dreaming about the capital city of Ottoman Empire, era of Ottoman sultans and the places they have lived in. You are living in the city these important people lived in, only a walking distance away from the historical places, you are living in history. Compared to me, you are very lucky. Still, you should remember that you have grand responsibilities.” He also said “As Ataturk once said, you are the ones who will carry this country into the level of contemporary civilizations. Studying hard and getting good grades are not enough on their own. You should develop yourself in positive and social sciences. It is also important to have self-trust, respect to one’s rights, know about love, esteem and your responsibilities. As I am a person who did sports throughout my life, I say it is of utmost importance to do sports for a healthy future. We built sports centers in all schools with enough space in our county.”

After his speech, Melisa Yüksektepe, School Representative, brought flowers for Mayor Demir. The music hall which was built by Fatih Municipality for the school was also visited and studies of the students were observed.

Mayor Mustafa Demir then had breakfast prepared by school administrators and members of school council. Demir bespoke to parents and teachers and stated that the meal prepared by parents is a blessed meal which comes from the heart and that he took his morning energy from the students. Demir also stated that our children, our only worries, would be raised perfectly if school administrators, members of school council and local governments were united.