Date : 4/9/2016 11:00:00 AM
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

Having lost his family during war when he was seven years old, Aleko is kidnapped by a bad person and is forced to work at a bakery. The malicious man's purpose is to use Aleko to damage the Turkish army. However, Aleko is aware of everything and acts intelligently. One day, the malicious man gives a letter to Aleko and asks him to deliver it to the British commander battling in Çanakkale. Aleko is aware of this treachery. He takes the letter and sets on the road, while his love of his nation in his little heart and his desire to serve his homeland set him on an adventurous course. This is an excellent play which children from every age can easily understand, reinforce his/her awareness and will watch with excitement.

You can obtain your free Ticket for the play from Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center.