The Refugee Crisis in Turkey and in the World

Tülay Gökçimen Att. Halim Yılmaz - Prof. Dr. Nuray Ekşi Sibel Demirbaş
Date : 4/23/2016 12:30:00 PM
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

We are inviting you to the seminar titled "THE REFUGEE CRISIS IN TURKEY AND IN THE WORLD (Migration for Hope)" organized by the Board of Human Rights and Law created by the International Civilization and Politics Research Center in order to conduct works for supporting human rights based law, preventing violations of rights in the world and in our country and for raising awareness in the society. All guests who would like to attend the seminar hosting Tülay Gökçimen, Att. Halim Yılmaz, Prof. Dr. Nuray Ekşi and Sibel Demirbaş are required to register on the web site prior to the program.