Handicrafts on Display

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 24.05.2016
After one-year working, handicrafts of Fatih Municipality’s Training Units started to be exhibited in foyer area of Fatih Municipality.

These handicrafts which were made by  trainees in Training Units of Fatih Municipality in Balat, Kadıçeşme, Küçükmustafapaşa, Marmara, Uzunyusuf and Yavuzselim in 2015-2016, drawn deep interests of the citizens in opening ceremony.

The mayor of Fatih Municipality visited the exhibition and looked at each one of the handicrafts. Mayor Demir greatly liked the exhibition and he got information about the works from trainees and course leaders.

3500 trainees have had 42 different branches from 42 course leaders. These branches included calligraphy, marbling art, point lace, embroidery and many more. The most liked ones of the thousands of works are on displayed in foyer area now.

These products of one-year working include various categories such as women dress, home accessories, calligraphy, wood painting, glass and ceramic painting, point lace, marbling art, illumination and miniature, oil paint and painting.

Alongside six different Training Units, there are also the handicrafts of People with Disabilities Unit in the exhibition that is organized by Woman and Family Unit of Fatih Municipality.

The products of one-year working are being sold, as well.