Mayor Demir: Social media can make you asocial if you misuse it

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Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir attended the final program in Bakırköy in which presenter Ceyhun Yılmaz met with the young within the scope of an interview organized by Fatih Municipality on how social media should not be used.

The famous comedian, actor, radio and television presenter and producer Ceyhun Yılmaz met with high school students studying in Bakırköy district in İBB Cem Karaca Cultural Centre. Yılmaz, to whom students showed great interest during the interview, spoke about losses that may arise from the improper use of social media and effective use methods related to ''How Social Media Shouldn't Be Used''.


Bakırköy District Governor Adem Öztürk, Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, and Bakırköy District Director of National Education Emrullah Aydın attended 40th ''How Social Media Shouldn't Be Used'' program which was organized by Fatih Municipality. Ceyhun Yılmaz referred to the sociological researches made on Turkey where the social media is spreading rapidly and revealed the most common written word in social media which is ''I hate''.


Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir was given flowers by Bakırköy District Governor Adam Öztürk in memory of the day.

Mayor Mustafa Demir then shared his thoughts about social media with students. Emphasizing the importance of the social media, Mayor Demir also spoke of the aspects to be considered related to the social media which has become the most common platform. Mayor Demir added: ''Technology is undoubtedly very much important. Accessing knowledge, sharing information has become very common and important. It has not only advantages but also disadvantages which lead to technological addiction. We call it social media but it can also make people unsocial which is the biggest side effect of it. We call this protection-use balance. We really need to balance between the use and self-protection in social media.


Considering the different aspects of the social media, Ceyhun Yılmaz also said: ''Social media is not a simple platform to prepare a guideline. It is both complicated and challenging. Additionally, people have right to determine their own usage freely. I haven’t prepared a guideline for anybody. I’ve just explained how it shouldn’t be used. We tell young people, companies, and citizens about it. This program was the season finale. Ceyhun Yılmaz drew attention to other important issue to come together with students related to the use of social media and emphasized that students may live a better life if they are informed well about it. Yılmaz: 'The talks I made were the offerings of Fatih Municipality primarily to the schools within its district and then to the schools within Marmara Region”. Sharing with students is more precious for me. Because they are still too young and ‘’as the twig is bent so is the tree inclined''. I think they'll lead a better life if they understand clearly what they're told. Students are important. As you know, it is the student who decide who will be famous in the art world on performing arts.''

Students came into line in order to take a photo with comedian Ceyhun Yılmaz after the seminar.