"Istanbul Photo Awards 2016" exhibition opened

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The exhibition of the 2nd international news photography contest of Anadolu Agency ‘Istanbul Photo Awards 2016’ was held in Photography Museum of Fatih Municipality.

Governor of Istanbul Vasip Şahin, Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir, Vice president of the executive board of Anadolu Agency Dr. Şaban Kızıldağ, Managers of Anadolu Agency Ahmet Sel, Ali Türker Pirtini, Bahadır Saraçgil, İbrahim Yumaklı, Esra Kireçci, Yakup Şıvka, employees, photograph artists and journalists participated in the opening ceremony.

Governor of Istanbul Vasip Şahin made a speech in the opening ceremony and he congratulated the managers and employees of Anadolu Agency on the contest and exhibition.

Şahin emphasized that many important events took place in 2015 and he said in his speech, “There are very beautiful works of arts on display here. It is an honor to gain prestige and to attract such an intense attention all around the world, even though this is just the second contest.”

“A Worldwide Organization”

In his speech, Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir thanked Anadolu Agency and added, “It is a worldwide organization. They put a praiseworthy effort to prepare the exhibition for beautiful works of photography artists and news photographers ranked in the highest at an international level.”

Vice president of the executive board of Anadolu Agency Dr. Şaban Kızıldağ thanked Mayor of Fatih Municipality, for he enabled photograph artists and photographs to come together in Photography Museum.

13,000 applications have been evaluated

Istanbul Photo Awards 2016’s jury of leading news photographers evaluated around 13,000 applications from all around the world in March. After preselection, jury selected the most striking photos of the events happened in 2015. They evaluated the photos according to content, aesthetics and style.  In the contest of Istanbul Photo Awards 2016, the photograph named “Syrian Children Cry for Help” by Syrian photographer Abd Doumany was granted the award “Photo of the Year”.

Sergey Ponomarew won “Single News” 1st Prize with the photo named “Migrants” that he took for the New York Times, Santi Palacios won “Story News” 1st Prize with the photo named “Risking their lives to reach Europe” that he took for the GettyImages .

With the photo named “Heart Shaped”, Ian MacNicol won “Single Sports” 1st Prize. Valery Sharifulin won “Story Sports” 1st Prize with the photo named “The Warrior’s Way”. Also, Minzayar Oo won the Honour Award.

Pulitzer Prizes

Free photographer of New York Times Sergey Ponomarev had made his mark by also winning the Pulitzer Prize with his photo “Migrants” which he won Single News 1st Prize in Istanbul Photo Awards 2016. The photo “Migrants” tells the story of migrants who escaped war in Syria and try to reach Europe and their tragedy in Aegean Sea.

The photo chosen as “The photo of the year” in the contest of AA held in last year, has also won the Pulitzer Prize. Australian photographer Daniel Beruhulak, won the Pulitzer Prize with his dramatic photo about Ebola epidemic taken in Liberia.

The exhibition can be visited until June 26th in Photography Museum of Fatih Municipality in Kadırga.