First Iftar at Sultanahmet

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 09.06.2016
There was a huge participation to the first Iftar program in Sultanahmet, which has become a tradition. Fatih Municipality lays the tables at different places for each day of the Ramadan and the first tables were laid in Sultanahmet this year as it has been in recent years.

Sultanahmet Square hosted a great iftar table with the participation of thousands of citizens on the first day of Ramadan.

Citizens broke their fast after the artillery taken from Mechanized Infantry Brigade was shot.

The culture of iftar on streets started by Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir in 2005, still keeps continuing as a tradition.

Fatih Municipality hosted thousands of domestic and foreign citizens at the first day of the Ramadan in the enormous iftar table, which all the citizens gather around at Sultanahmet Square.

Along with the Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir, District Governor of Fatih District Ahmet Ümit, district protocol and citizens participated in the iftar program.

15,000 people broke their fast at the same time in the iftar program of Fatih Municipality at Sultanahmet square. Program attracted intensive attention in this Ramadan just like every year. Citizens took their meal and prepared their iftar meal on the parks and green areas. After Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir shoots the artillery, approximately 15,000 people broke their fast together.

After shooting the artillery, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “As you all see, we are together with around 20,000 people from all around the world and every walk of life here in Sultanahmet square in Ramadan. After a while, with azan, we will share the same food in this table. We are all equal here. This is very important for us. In our tradition, the first day of Ramadan has great importance. Generally, we come together with our family. However, we are together with the people who prefer to be together and share same meal with unfamiliar people rather than their own families”.

Demir said, “When we were young, we broke our fast by artillery shooting not by the azan. We will shoot the artillery of Istanbul in here during Ramadan.

All the people around the world would experience serenity, peace and happiness through Ramadan. This question is always asked: ‘Why being in Sultanahmet during iftars is that much exciting?’


Mayor Demir talk about the importance of iftar program at Sultanahmet square in his speech and he said, “Sultanahmet square is the center of these traditional events. When it comes to Ramadan, we always think about Sultanahmet Square in both Republic period and in last 30 years. People come here with their families in Ramadan and spend their times here. We are trying to create the atmosphere that people desire. We arrange the environment and prepare these beautiful tables. The best thing is we create this pleasant atmosphere with the people coming from various places.”

Mayor Demir asked parents to take their children to Sultanahmet and spend time together.