Iftar Table has been set in Great Palace Square

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 13.06.2016
Fatih Municipality iftar tables which are set in a different district every evening during Ramadan has been set at the pool side in Great Palace Square in Şehremini this time.

3,000 Fatih residents broke their fast in iftar table set in Great Palace Square hosted by Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir under the sounds of water and birds.

Before iftar meal, outstanding works of Sufi Music were performed by Emre Ermiş.

Mayor Demir who breaks his fast with Fatih residents almost every day attended iftar meal in Great Palace Square. Coming to the area before iftar, Demir visited the people sitting on tables one by one and chatted with them, and he listened the requests of citizens. Fatih residents who attended iftar meal with their children did not forget to have their photo taken with the Mayor. People broke their fast along with the azan and prayed.

In his speech after Iftar, Mayor Demir emphasized the importance and blessing of iftar meal set in different neighborhoods every evening by stating that month Ramadan increases the benevolence, endearment, compassion, sharing and blessing.

Demir also said, "We are setting these tables in a different district every evening. We have also expanded street iftar meals across all Fatih in this year. We have the happiness that we have here this evening again every evening. I am very grateful for all these reasons."