First Parent Swing in Fındıkzade

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 16.06.2016
Fatih Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate put the parent swing into service which had widespread coverage on social media and press on news abroad stating ''you will witness your child happiness with this magnificent swing''.

Fatih Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate brought another different service with citizens in Fatih. Realizing that parents abroad appreciate and heavily demand it, Parks and Gardens Directorate officials put parent swing into service in Fındıkzade Çukurbostan Şehir Park for citizens in Fatih. This swing which was developed with the consideration that all parents wish to see the expression of their children in the playing field, this perfect playing field instrument emerges from these wishes and it is planned to increase these and include in the other parks of Fatih. This swing attracts a great deal of attention in Fındıkzade Çukurbostan Park with which moms and dads will able to witness every single moment of their children while playing.