"Unity and Solidarity Iftar Meal Against Terror'' in Vezneciler

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 16.06.2016
Fatih Municipality continues its street iftar tradition in different streets everyday throughout Ramadan like every year. Vezneciler, beaten by a terorist attack last week, was the address of the iftar meal.

6 police officers and 4 citizens were martyred and 36 citizens were wounded last week with a car bomb attack by the terrorists targeting a bus carrying riot police.

This painful attack confronted our country with a bloody face of terror that we had to live during this holy month.

All public institutions of our state have mobilized to heal the wounds of the terror attack. Fatih Municipality organized Iftar program hosted by Mayor Mustafa Demir in memory of those killed in the terrorist attack in which martyr families attended as well.

In order to commemorate our martyrs and to give a message of unity against terrorism, Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, Fatih Mufti Fatih Üstündağ, martyr families in Fatih, civil society organizations representatives, business owners whose offices were damages following the attack, neighborhood tradesmen and citizens attended the Iftar program organized in Vezneciler Şehzadebaşı Street in which the explosion took place. The program, in which approximately 4,000 people participated, started with Koran Chant. Mayor Demir also joined the program and was closely interest with families of martyrs.

Upon breaking fast, Fatih Mufti İrfan Üstündağ read Qur'an for our police and civilians killed in the terrorist attack. The read Quran and prayers were bestowed upon the souls of our martyrs.

Fatih Municipality Mayor Demir addressed a speech as a host by emphasizing the importance of unity and solidarity: ''I wish mercy for our martyrs, police officers and citizens from God and extend my condolences to their families and wish speedy recovery to all wounded. We're in a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional conflict in which international forces, global and local forces take part and engage in complex alliances for their own interests. From Palestine to Irak, Libya to Yemen and Egypt, almost all Islamic geographies are mentioned with conflict, terror, blood and tears. All of this happened can be summarized as weakening of the Middle East, increase in conflicts, ethnic and sectarian divisions in Islamic world which then turn into bloody fight and finally plundering the region once again.

He added: "We are the believers of a faith that indicates the blessings of this world which was created by The Exceedingly Beneficent and Merciful Allah are enough for everyone and the offer of Allah are abundant and his grace is plenty, kindness is endless."

Mayor Demir also added: ''What should be known that defending peace and justice requires much effort than fighting. I would like to see our world become a place where love, tolerance, solidarity and sharing shall dominate and terrorism, conflicts and poverty disappear.’’