Iftar in the Presence of Fatih

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 21.06.2016
Fatih Municipality held iftar program that brings together thousands of people in the courtyard of Fatih Mosque.

While some of the citizens who came together around the mosque, the environment and appearance of which have been renewed by the municipality, were chatting with people by waiting azan to break their fast, some of them were reading Koran. In the iftar program in which lovely views occurred, thousands of people broke their fast along with the azan with the food menus for iftar distributed by the Fatih Municipality.

Giving a speech before the program, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that he thanked the citizens who participated in the organized program, and said “With reference to Month of Ramadan, the beginning of which is mercy, the middle of which is grace and the end of which is getting rid of hell torture, I would like to thank all of you one by one because of your participation in this iftar meal we have held just next to the mosque which was built in the name of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han and also just next to the great commander who conquered Istanbul, who opened and closed ages, who is the world leader during his time. We are house guests of these magnificent tables every evening at some point with reference to Ramadan. You are the real home owners of here.”