Enthusiasm of Historical Baklava Procession in Fatih

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Fatih Municipality continues to bring together the tradition of 500 years of historical "Baklava Procession" which was initiated during Suleiman the Magnificent with people.

The 2nd 'Baklava Procession' which is one of the most important traditions of the Ottoman period was held in Sultanahmet Square with the participation of Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir.

In Sultanahmet, baklava was offered to citizens and tourists in the "Baklava Procession" event which was privately held for ramadan. In event in which mehter team of 60 people gave a concert, 20 janissaries and 80 military personnels wearing the clothes of their time portrayed historical personages; and then 20,000 boxes of baklava were served to people and tourists on the tables set in certain places of Blue Mosque.

In the event the 2nd of which has been held in this year, the janissaries going out through the door of Topkapı Palace in company with mehteran team walked towards the At Meydanı (Horse Square) with the baklava trays on their hands. The walking that began in front of the III. Ahmet Fountain was completed on the platform established in the German Fountain in front of the At Meydanı (Horse Square).

The team gathered on the stage built in the square offered 20,000 slices of baklava to citizens. The event that began with the baklava procession presentation by historian Talha Uğurluel continued by the walking of the baklava procession to the square and protocol speeches. In the event which attracted great interest by the citizens, baklava distribution was made on the stands built at 6 different points. Citizens who recorded Baklava Procession in their mobile phones admiringly watched the historical animation.


Making statements after Baklava Procession shows, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said “We have realized the Baklava Procession, which was held on the 15th of the month of Ramadan from the beginning of 18th century until 1826 during the Ottoman period, in other words until the guild of janissaries was disestablished, with all of that day's applications.”

During that time, padishah organized such a procession to send these baklava made in the palace to the janissary regiments along with the armourer. Today, we have revived this tradition which was abolished in 1826 and is sinking into oblivion along with its all rituals. We've tried to coincide with the 15th of the month of Ramadan. In fact, Fatih comes to our mind when we say Ramadan, Istanbul and Anatolia. Because this is the place where all the mosques are located, Hırka-i Şerif and Hırka-i Saadet are located are here, all mosques built in the name of sultans are here; and the more important of these is that Sultan Ahmed which is considered the threshold of civilization is here. We have also performed this organization right at this square in a way how it was performed in the past.”