Video Mapping in Blue Mosque

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 21.06.2016
Fatih Municipality is bringing in something new in this Ramadan. Video mapping show is performed in Blue Mosque during the month of Ramadan.

By the method which was most recently used in Istanbul's conquest celebrations, the ‘video mapping presentation' consisting of sound, light, visual animation and voiceovers gives Blue Mosque visitors pleasant moments before and after tarawih prayer every evening.

Mecca process of our Prophet's from his birth, prophecy process to migration to Medina, and the adventure of Islamic Civilization extending from Hejaz to Spain, from Africa to Great Wall of China which was founded by the building of first masjid in Medina are described in the presentation called 'Fertile Crescent' which is performed by projecting image and light on the domes and minarets of the Blue Mosque in the southern side. The love, tolerance and brotherhood phenomena that are applied by Islamic Civilization on all over the world are also emphasized. The expression of the process consists of sound, light, visual animation and voiceovers as English and Turkish.

The program to be performed before and after tarawih prayer every evening during the month of Ramadan can be watched from observation terrace, Hagia Sophia square and in front of the Basilica Cistern.