39 Districts came together in full unity against the coup

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 29.07.2016
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş gave a speech to a thousand of Istanbul residents standing guard of democracy in front of Saraçhane Municipality Building with the mayors of 39 districts including Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir.

Mayor Topbaş said Martyrs' Park will be built on a 1 million 200 thousand square meters for July 15th martyrs.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş called on citizens standing guard of democracy in Saraçhane with 39 District Mayors of Istanbul's from AK Party and Republican People's Party: ''Our dear guardians of democracy and dear citizens, today we salute you here for your guard of democracy with our Ak Party and the Republican People's Party’s Mayors and district presidents. You stopped traitorism against our country and national will. You proved what the nation means. You wrote a new history to our glourious history. And, you’re giving confidence to our friends and putting the enemy to inconvenience with your attitude. We all thank you individually.’’

’Names of our martyrs will be kept alive at the park’’

Mayor Topbaş announced to have renamed unanimously the street in front of the municipality as ''July 15th Martyrs' Avenue'' at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on Friday. Mayor Topbaş also said to build park in memory of those who became martyr across Turkey while preventing the coup attempt on July 15th. ''We're building a big park on a 1 million 200 thousand square meters which will remind us our martyrs . This will be Martyrs' Park. There'll be exhibits in remembrance of our citizens who were killed during the attempt and we hope to keep their names alive.''

Stating that a cemetery will be prepared for those who betrayed, Topbaş also added: ''I've given the instructions to allocate space for a graveyard for traitors where people will have a chance to “curse” those, not to say surah al-fatihah. This is what they deserve. I hope others will not attempt and be encouraged to do it again to play with the future of this country.''