Fatih District has got a New Park

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 18.08.2016
Fatih Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate carries on their works to increase green areas in Fatih district without slowing down.

Fatih district with increasing green areas each passing day has got a new park in Dervişali neighbourhood.

An area of 1170 square meters located between Dervişali neighbourhood, Şehit Ümit Uçan Street and Müftü Street has been projected by Fatih Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate to be reconstructed as a park. Ornamental pool, shaded sitting areas, squares and green spaces have been placed in the park, the implementation works of which began in March 2016. This park has been put into the service of the citizens in Dervişali neighborhood following the park bearing the name of the neighborhood built in 2012.