Disabled Business Workshop Registrations Started

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 23.08.2016
2016 - 2017 academic year registrations of business workshop courses for people with disabilities realized in cooperation with Fatih Municipality Disabled Department and Fatih Public Education Center have started.

The courses which are freely provided to literate people with disabilities over the age of 23 allow people with disabilities to participate in social life as well as supporting them to step into professional life. Full-day courses are performed in Disabled Business Workshop in Yavuz Selim Life Center in Çarşamba.

Business Workshop Branches:

Decorative Wood Painting, Jewelleries (with fishline, nailed, Knitted, Knotted), Knitting Needle, Preparation of Decorative Home Accessories, Accessories Making of leather, Flowers Making of leather, Boards making of Leather, Felt Making, Ribbon Embroidery, Ribbon Work on hand, Marbling art, Three Dimensional Shaping, Fabric Painting, Drama, Guitar, Painting (watercolor), Side-blown Flute, Rhythm, Darbuka, Mehter, Making Wedding Favors, Reading and Writing, Sign language, Computer Training and Use, Foreign languages, Protocol and Etiquette, Visually Disabled Independent Movement Education, Training of the use of the Items needed daily