Tight Inspection on Renting Daily House Illegally

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Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said they issued decisions in the council of municipality with regard to illegal daily leasing of houses. Demir said that tight inspections are being made and houses that are found to be leased daily are sealed.

Mentioning that house lodging business is usually made off the books, Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, "House lodging businesses are usually places where business is made off the records where service is usually offered under non-hygienic conditions.

As you know, the terrorists who executed the airport bombing on 28 June were staying in an apartment flat in Fatih, Horhor via this kind of house lodging.”

"House lodging should only be made within the borders of old Eminönü."

Stating that they currently see that houses are rented for being used illegally for short term, as lodging or in another way in various areas in Fatih, in Aksaray or in the surroundings, Mayor Demir said, "We have made certain permanent decisions to avoid this; here is the decision we issued in Fatih Municipality Council in 2015. We thought that house lodging should only be made within the borders of old Eminönü. This thought of ours was accepted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. It was approved by the board of monuments two weeks ago. This way it turned into areas where house lodging would officially be made thenceforth from Nişanca, Kumkapı, Kadırga, that is Yenikapı to Sultanahmet."

"All of our works predate the airport explosion."

Mentioning that they have also taken another measure this way, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, "We have carried out a determination work regarding those who illegally lease their houses for short term in Fatih. A total of 20,481 points, that is houses and workplaces have been inspected one by one and determination has been made for each during the inspections we made in this area which contains İskenderpaşa, Aksaray, Mollagürani and Akşemsettin area. It corresponds to 4,205 buildings. There are 2,349 flats in this area which we observe to be operating as apartment. The number of flats which didn't open their doors when we visited them is 777. We include those who refuse to have their houses inspected among those who lease their houses for short term. Hence, about 3,000 flats carry out short term house leasing from among 20,481 flats in the area.  All of these are off the records. There is no information as to who stay here, what they do and how long they stay. All of these works predate the airport explosion."

During the works we made last week, we created 2 inspection teams within a week, said Mayor Demir, and continued, "These are apartment tracking teams. It consists of our municipality police personnel in Fatih Municipality, police personnel from the security office and tax inspection experts from directorate of tax administration. Why do we do this? Let's talk about that too. This short term house leasing also means a place of business. If people lease their houses and property for a short term, they have to obtain license from us. Here our only legal grounds would be to intervene in their house since they work without license. Namely, we direct them to the necessary works in order for them to be registered. However, it is not possible to enter people's houses. For this, we take support from the police. Tax inspection experts take action with regard to those who do this kind of business in order to discourage them from doing so. This way we avoid those who illegally lease their houses for short term. Namely we have initiated a legal system and as we observe from the feedback we receive, we will definitely disrupt those who lease their houses for short term particularly in these areas which we call the old Fatih. We are confident in saying that we will not allow these."

"Illegally leased flats were sealed."

Following the press release, Fatih Municipality police teams and police teams in Fatih District Security Directorate carried out operations to the apartments where daily flat leasing is conducted. As a result of the operation, flats which do not have lease contract and which were found to be leased illegally were sealed.