2016 Informatics Stars Innovation Prize Goes to Fatih Municipality

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 04.11.2016
In 2016 Informatics Stars Innovation Contest, first prize is received by Fatih Municipality

Fatih municipality which is the initiator of informatics innovations was deemed worthy of an award at environment category in the contest of 2016 Informatics Stars Innovation Contest which was organized by Istanbul Brunch of Informatics Association of Turkey and Bahçeşehir University. Fatih Municipality won the first place in the contest which is organized every year and ranks municipalities giving online services. In the contest which was organized in attempt to encourage e-transformation, share good examples with other project holders, raise social awareness about e-transformation and support Turkey to be a knowledge-based society, all informatics stars on private or public arena from the four corners of the country which had transformation online and moved the work structure on internet environment were ranked and Fatih Municipality Environmental Protection Directorate’s ÇEVKO MOBIL application which enables online tracking of daily street cleanness status with instantaneous informing screen related to scavenging on mobile media was deemed worthy of first prize. During the ceremony which was held in Bahçeşehir University Beşiktaş Campus, the first prize is handed to deputy mayor Okan Erhan Oflaz on behalf of Fatih Municipality by Istanbul brunch director of Informatıcs Association of Turkey, Ahmet Tosunoğlu.