Sulukule Children's Symphony Orchestra

Date : 3/26/2017 7:00:00 PM
Location : Sulukule Art Academy


Type: Greetings to the Spring

 Sulukule Children's Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra Consultant: Orhan Şallıel

Comprising of kids who were trained under scope of the "HOBIO" project of Fatih Municipality which was realized in 2014, "Sulukule Kids Symphony Orchestra" will offer a concert named "Greetings to the Spring" with popular pieces from classical Western music as well as examples of ballads and songs that are voiced many times in Turkish Music.

All citizens are invited to the concert of our kids who were trained by the young instructors of Sulukule Art Academy, namely by Çağrı Keskin, İlker Gürgan, Mete Ortaç and Serdar Tufan.