What is FABIM?

Fatih Municipality Communication Center (FABİM)

Fatih Municipality Communication Center (FABIM) is a public relations and a communication model that uses computer technology and telephony infrastructure together and allows Fatih residents to be able to communicate with Fatih Municipality in proper and equal conditions.

FABIM that responds to approximately 750 calls a day, 20,000 calls in a month and an average of 220,000 calls in a year records all the demands, wishes and complaints of the Fatih residents, classifies them according to subjects and share them with 21 Directorate within the Municipality and the other public institutions and organizations.

Our Communication Center, which also provides coordination between the units, also responds to an average of 300 applications per day.

How to Reach FABİM?
Our phone number 444 0 176 is at the service of FABIM. Along with the application of our citizens calling this number, personal information is recorded in the system by the operator, the application is transmitted to the intended unit according to the subject, and the process is followed by FABIM and feedback is made to the applicant.
Our citizens who apply to the private FABIM unit established within the body of Fatih Municipality are accepted by the officers and recorded on the system. The process is followed by FABIM and feedback is made to the applicant.
The forms filled in by connecting to the relevant page via FABIM special button on are seen on FABIM system. The relevant application is transmitted to the respective department after it is recorded, the process is followed and feedback is made to the applicant.
By Fatih Mobile
Citizens can deliver all kinds of requests, suggestions and complaints through Fatih Mobile Application which can be downloaded to mobile devices.

Funeral Support Services

When a citizen registered in Fatih District dies, our Municipality sends vehicle to funeral home for mosque-to-cemetery transportation, imam to say prayer, and lahmacun and ayran for condolence catering upon the request of his/her relatives. It is enough for our citizens to call FABIM to benefit from this service.
About the Buildings or Apartments leased Daily for Accommodation Purposes in your Neighborhood
You can call Phone number 444 0 176 of our Municipality to give notice
Contact: T.R. Fatih Municipality
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