13th Fish Festival has started with great enthusiasm

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 19.09.2017
13th of the Historical Peninsula Fish Festival, which is traditionally organized every year in Fatih, has started.

Citizens showed great interest in the event in which about 30,000 sea foods will be offered to them during the festival. Citizens who wanted to taste the fish fell into line for meters. 

13th Historical Peninsula Fish Festival, which is organized each year with the cooperation of Fatih Municipality and Kumkapı Tourist Restaurants and Tradesmen Solidarity Association (KUMDER) for the purpose of contributing to the development of fishing industry along with the beginning of the fish season, has started. Within the scope of the festival, the cortege accompanied by the marching band started to walk from Sultanahmet Square to Kumkapı. Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, KUMDER President Kemal Duranoğlu, authorities of Kumkapı tradesmen and a large number of citizens participated in the festival organized in Kumkapı Square.

In the festival, horon performance displayed by the Black Sea folk dance team in Kumkapı Square gained the admiration of citizens. Then, Mayor Demir took the fish bench and offered fishes to citizens. Citizens who fell into line for meters to get grilled fish sandwich were satisfied with fish in the festival. Citizens showed great interest in the festival in which many seafood products such as mackerel, tunny fish, horse mackarel and fried cornbreaded anchovies and fish pie were offered to them during the festival.

An Important Event in which All Istanbul Residents Show Interest

Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, who mentioned that they have organized a fish festival that brings together Istanbul residents along with the opening of the fish season and that he is quite satisfied with the participation, said, “There is a growing interest and relevance every year. It has become an important event in which all Istanbul residents show interest. Fish Festival is an event which is organized every year in terms of creating awareness on the sea, sea foods and marine culture immediately after the fishing ban is over. We have all fish products from fish balls to fish pie, from horse mackarel to anchovy”.

During the festival, mackerels for 8,000 people, tunny fishes for 4,000 people, 2,500 fried horse mackerels, 3,000 fish pies, 4,000 fish balls, 2,000 portions of fried calamaris,  2 thousand 50 portions of fried cornbreaded anchovies and 5,000 fried mussels will be offered to citizens.

In addition, angling competition will be held at Galata Bridge on September 17, which is the last day of the 13th Historical Peninsula Fish Festival. Fishermen will cast their fishing lines into the waters of the Golden Horn together with Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih. Awards will be given to the competitors who will catch the greatest number of fishes within two hours, with a ceremony to be held.