2 Tones of Baklava Were Served In The Baklava Festival

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 06.10.2017
The Baklava Festival, 10th of which will be organized this year, created colorful images in the Historical Peninsula. While masters of baklava were exhibiting their talents in the Golden Rolling Pin Competition, fellow citizens wanting to taste baklava fell into line for meters.

Masters of baklava this time raced their rolling pins for the baklava festival. The Historical Peninsula Baklava Festival, 10th of which was organized by the Fatih Municipality and the Baklava and Dessert Producers Association (BAKTAD) this year, has witnessed colorful images. Rolling pins competed in the festival that was held in the Eminönü New Mosque Square Park. So to speak, skilled hands roughed up the counter in the festival, for which the fellow citizens showed great interest. Masters, who got credit for their performances, advanced to the final among from 40 people. 2 tons of baklava were served to fellow citizens within the scope of the festival.

The Ottoman Court Kitchen desserts were also presented to the taste of citizens in the special area that was prepared in the festival for the first time. While baklava more delicious from each other takes part on stands, the baklava in the shape of the Turkish Flag won the favor of citizens. Tourists showed great interest to the program starting with a concert of Mehter Band. Fellow citizens raced with each other to take the photos of baklava that were prepared with presentations different from each other.


The contest of the festival Golden Rolling Pin, which is followed with excitement each year, had also baklava masters competed this year. Masters of baklava sweated for preparing the most delicious baklava. When spreading the pistachio, one of the masters performing the imitiation of Nusret created colorful images. Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir and the Former Minister of the European Union Egemen Bağış presented the awards to the masters in the contest, where the member of the jury had difficult time to choose the winner. At the end of the contest, the winner is given 10, the 2nd is given 7, the 3rd is given 5, and the 4th is given 3 Cumhuriyet gold coins.


Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, who mentioned the importance of the festival for the continuance of the Baklava culture, said: "We organize the festival together with the Baklava Producers Associations. We make the 10th of the Golden Rolling Pin Contest. Our purpose is to promote baklava worldwide. Baklava is an important value of these lands. There are many laying claims on it, but it is registered in the name of Turkish people by the European Union. We also distribute baklava to our citizens with this activity. There are all kinds of baklava here. It is almost like a museum. It is such a museum that all baklava and dessert types that we see everywhere are exhibited. Our purpose is to make it noticed.