Tradition of Street Sahur Started in Fatih

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 21.05.2018
Tradition of street iftar, which was started in 2006 by the Fatih Municipality, has spread to whole Istanbul first and then to whole Turkey. Now, Fatih Municipality has started the sahur tradition by leading the way.

After the first iftar is made with cannon shot in Sultanahmet, this time sahur tables are laid in the same square.
As it happens every year, iftar program is also organized in Sultanahmet Square by the Fatih Municipality this year. Approximately 30 thousand people participating in the program broke their fasts in the iftar program with the cannon shot made by the Artillery Unit of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commandership.
After thousands of people broke their fasts and subsequent to evening, night and tarawih prayers, preparations were started to be made for sahur.
Citizens and tourists showed great interest to sahur tables that are laid between German fountain and Dikilitaş (Standing Stone).
Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, who participated in the street sahur program that was held in Turkey for the first time, mentioned that they also brought in something new as the municipality, which started the street iftar culture in Turkey, and said: “It was the Fatih Municipality that set the street iftar tables in Fatih 12 years ago. Now we are bringing in something new together with you. After today, our street sahur programs will continue everyday. It is less than needed regardless of how much we thank to Allah since he let us reaching to Ramadan, whose beginning is mercy, its middle is forgiveness, and its end is ransom from the fire.”
Mayor Suver had his sahur with hundreds of citizens, who came to the first sahur program.