Fatih Protocol Met At The Historical City Walls

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 05.06.2018
Fatih District Protocol came together at the iftar meal, which was hosted by Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver.

The traditional protocol iftar, which is organized by the Fatih Municipality every year and has broad participation, was held in the Fatih Municipality Topkapı Social Facilities this year. Fatih District Governor Ahmet Ümit, Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, District Presidents of         Political Parties, Municipal Councilors, district protocol members, non-governmental organizations, representatives of the universities in the district, school principals, managers of the sport clubs, mukhtars and martyr families participated in the iftar meal that was held outdoors in the social facilities right next to the Historical Topkapı city walls. 

Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, who is the host of the iftar meal that is organized under the shadow of the historical city walls, visited the tables and dealt with the guests one by one. Mayor Suver, who made a speech after iftar meal where unity and solidarity messages are given, thanked to the guests for their participation by saying that “Our valuable friends of heart serving Fatih, this evening you have been with us in our traditional iftar in this historical place under the shadows of city walls, which is the symbol of Conquest.