Dervişali Townhouse Was Put Into Service

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Dervişali Townhouse Was Put Into Service With A Ceremony That Is Held With The Participation Of The Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver

The Fatih Municipality put the 7th townhouse into service in the Dervişali Neighborhood. Opening of the Dervişali Townhouse, which took its name from the neighborhood where it is located in, was made with a ceremony. There are sections in it where the citizens meet their social and cultural needs. There are library, youth center, study halls, computer class, classrooms, multi-purpose hall, counseling unit, and PTT center in it. People of all ages will be able to get service from this place. Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, Former Mayor of the Fatih Municipality and AK Party Istanbul Parliamentarian Candidate Mustafa Demir, AK Party Fatih District President Orhan Narin, NGO representatives and neighborhood residents participated in the opening of the townhouse. 


Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, who gave information about the Dervişali Townhouse, said: “As you know, this is a modern age. Over urbanization and individualization break people from each other, and weaken the neighborhood feelings. There wasn’t any place in this region where people could meet some of their social and cultural needs comfortably without paying any fee and they could go as their own place without feeling like an outsider. Therefore, a townhouse like this is built. Many social and cultural needs are met in the townhouse. It his building, there will be a PTT branch, mukhtar office, a health unit, a library, teachers who may provide study support to students, and courses in various branches for those interested in art. We can see that a student, a young person and an adult may meet many of his/her cultural and social needs here comfortably.” 

AK Party Istanbul Parliamentarian Candidate Mustafa Demir indicated his happiness as such a building, which will meet the need of the neighborhood, was put into service. Subsequent to the opening, Mayor Hasan Suver attended a street iftar in the Dervişali Neighborhood. After greeting citizens one by one, Suver broke his fast together with the citizens participating in the program following the recital of azan.