Another Townhouse Is Under Construction In Fatih

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Information House, Mukhtar Office, Multi-Purpose Hall, Computer Class, Library, Study Center and PTT will be put at the disposal of citizens in the Vani Tekke Townhouse, construction of which continues in Seyit Ömer Neighborhood.

The total area of the reinforced concrete building, which is consisted of a basement, ground floor and a regular floor, is 1061 square meter. Roof works continue in the building, rough construction of which is completed until the roof. Roughcast and gypsum plaster works are completed in the building and painting works have started. Window installations, rough cast and siding of the building are completed on external walls, and painting works have started. In addition to the study rooms and classrooms, there are PTT and multi-purpose hall in the building that will be used as an Information House. 

Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver visited the Vani Tekke, which is under construction at full steam, and made on-site examinations. 

Vani Tekke

The building, which is located on the Sheet no 413, Plot no 2598 and Parcel no 58 and 59 in the Seyyid Ömer Neighborhood of Fatih District, Istanbul and named as “Wani Eff. Derguiahi – Wani Tekke” in the “German Blue” map dated 1913, (the first tekke building) could not reach the present day. The entailed estate, which is known to be constructed by Sheikh Sıdkı Bey who is the son-in-law of Sheikh Hüseyin Bedreddin Effendi at the end of the 19th century, is defined with its three sides in the same map. Both buildings are not present in this day and age. As a result of the excavation that is made under the supervision of the Archeology Museum with the permission taken from the Board, trace of a wall, which validates the contour of the first tekke building that is seen in the map, was not found, but foundation remnants of the entailed estate were reached. Burial area is pushed in an 80 thousand 60 square meter area within the tekke building and surrounded with added walls.