Young Sportsmen Are Trained in Fatih

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The opening of the Summer Sports Schools was made for inculcating sports love to the children in Fatih and for providing them to be raised as conscious sportsmen by discovering their talents in young ages. Fatih Mayor Hasan SUVER participated in the opening of schools, in which one thousand 600 children are enrolled under 9 branches.

The opening of Summer Sports Schools of the Fatih Municipality was made for encouraging the children between the ages of 7-14 and for raising the new generation sportsmen as conscious. Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, Ak Party District President Orhan Narin, Deputy Mayors and a large number of students attended the opening that was made in the Mimar Sinan Stadium. While the Mayor Hasan Suver was getting involved personally with the students making sports in various branches, his participation to the children dealing with archery, playing chess, basketball and volleyball created colorful images. Subsequently, the attention was drawn to the fact that how important it is for students to make sports since young ages.

“Our Children Must Deal With A Sport Branch”

Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, who states that the children must deal with at least one sports branch, said: “They mostly prefer football, volleyball and basketball. We try to provide this training in many branches including swimming. Our purpose is helping them to deal with a sports branch. If they deal with a sports branch they like, they may get the chance to live healthy in future. City life decreases the mobility of people. Whereas, people need to move for living a healthy life. While we aim for a healthy life at one hand, on the other hand we also want the champions of future to be raised. Maybe these champions will come out among the children receiving education in summer sports schools of our municipality.”

Balloons were left to the sky when the opening was made. Students are given education in 9 branches such as football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, arching, minigolf, badminton, gymnastic and chess in the summer sports school where 33 instructors are present. The trainings within the scope of summer sports school, which will end in August, are given at schools such as Çemberlitaş Anatolian High School, Yedikule Anatolian High School, Riyaziyeci Salih Zeki Elementary School, Gazi Imam Hatip Elementary School, Karagümrük Elementary School, Mimar Sinan Stadium, Balat Living Center and Çapa Science High School.