Mayor Hasan Suver Exchanged Bairam Greetings With Fatih Residents

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 27.08.2018
The traditional ceremony of the Fatih Municipality for exchanging bairam greetings was made in the central building of the municipality. The Former Minister of the European Union and Ak Party Istanbul Parliamentarian Volkan Bozkır, Ak Party Istanbul Parliamentarian Mustafa Demir, Fatih District Governor Ahmet Ümit, Ak Party Fatih District President Orhan Narin, deputy mayors, district protocol, mukthars, NGO representatives, municipal personnel and citizens attended the ceremony for exchanging bairam greetings, which was hosted by Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver.

Mayor Hasan Suver, who spoke in the ceremony for exchanging bairam greetings that was held in the Foyer area of the Municipality, said: “Social dimension is required for the bairams to be sustainable. For this reason, nations do not only live on a land, which they called as motherland, or they do not live only with a state and only with a flag, for the sake of which they die, but at the same time they live with a consciousness that keeps them together. Just as the wisdom and togetherness that our nation had shown from Sultan Alparslan to our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Bairams are very important values bringing the individual peace together with social peace, transforming the individuals of that society from individuals to us, and defining us. Living and sustaining bairams, handing them down from generation to generation is the most important reason for our existence”.

Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver celebrated the Feast of Sacrifice of all Fatih residents who attended the ceremony. In pursuit of speeches, Mayor Suver exchanged greetings with the participants one by one.