Three Different Exhibitions In The Fatih Municipality Istanbul Photography Museum

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 26.09.2018
Three different exhibitions, which was hosted by the Fatih Municipality Istanbul Photography Museum and where the works of four local and foreign photograph artists have taken place, welcomed art lovers.

Three different exhibitions named “İki Gözüm İstanbul (My Dear Istanbul)” of photograph artists Sadık Üçok and Ralph J DIEMB, “Gri Dünya (World of Grey)” of Romin Mohtasham, and “Uyanıkken Görülen Rüyalar (Having Dreams While Awake)” of Stanley Shoemaker were opened to the visit of art lovers.

Deputy Mayor Necati Selvi, who has attended the opening on behalf of the Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, stated in his speech “Our Mayor Hasan Suver cleared the way for Istanbul Photography Museum with the same ambition and enthusiasm. We will continue to do useful works under the leadership of the Mayor Hasan Suver. We would like to thank our esteemed artists for honoring our photography museum with their works that were exhibited here.

The opening program of the exhibition has continued with the speeches of the photograph artists. Subsequently, the art lovers visited the exhibition where the photos of artists are displayed.

“Theme of our exhibition is Istanbul”

Having talked about the subject of the photos displayed in the exhibition, Sadık Üçok said “Theme of our exhibition is Istanbul. Istanbul isn’t taken only in terms of architecture or scenery, but it is also about the life within Istanbul. We are more interested in the life within Istanbul. Because, there is no photo of us not including human in it. Therefore, our theme is the social life within Istanbul. We are trying to show it.” 

“My Dear Istanbul” Exhibition

The photo journey, which was made together with the photograph artists Sadık Üçok and Ralph J. Diemb and through which looks at the streets, squares and people of Istanbul through two different eyes from two different cultures, brings the memories together that will be carried into future. Some of the photographers, who chase the moments on streets, become skilled as the time went by. They freeze the time of the light that will reflect in his whereabouts in their memories, and they press the shutter by witnessing the experienced moment from the best angle and with the best light. Sometimes, this may not be enough. Cultural infrastructure of the photographer, how he/she perceived the World, and the sense of aesthetics that he/she developed in time come into play at that moment. As the photographer masters his/her art, his/her photos get more skilled, and gain recognition from the audience. Photography journeys of Sadık Üçok and Ralph J. Diemb, which they made sometimes together and sometimes alone, continued with the joint exhibitions they opened in Germany. The Fatih Municipality Istanbul Photography Museum is hosting this joint exhibition of Sadık Üçok and Ralph J. Diemb that they will be meeting in Istanbul for the first time.

“World of Grey” Exhibition

Photos of the Iranian photographer Romin Mohtasham, which is in documentary style, arouse poetic, scary, and apocalyptic, narrative and even humorous feelings on the audience. Style of the photographer may take part in the magical reality category. This style leaves the audience hung in the air between the reality and dream. The plain composition and elements that he uses in his works reflect his personal point of view. The audience may grip the meaning in deep layers and associate it with the plain surface of the photo. Surrounding area of the Urmiya Lake was shown in photos. Nowadays, Urmiya Lake is at the edge of drying due to wrong interventions, exploitations and mismanagement of water sources. The photos in the exhibition are selected from the books of the artist named “Your Reality Ended” (2015) and “Empty Glass” (2017).

“Having Dreams While Awake” Exhibition

 Mexican photographer Stanley Shoemaker shows us how he perceives the existent World with the photos he manipulates. He defines it as “An abnormal state of consciousness where experiences and hallucinations like dream take place”. Stanley Shoemaker questions the arguments such as the role of photography in today’s World, the consumption society of today, and the art works produced in the art history while reflecting the World he built with images. Images in this photographic World aim at creating a new communication perception by showing the reality and the visual production area under the control of the artist. The artist, who thinks that the interaction of the audience with the work is directly related to the expression style of the artist, aims at creating a new communication channel with his conceptual photos. Stanly Shoemaker quotes from the Spanish photographer Joan Fontcuberta for explaining his works: “Photography is a fiction by claiming the reality.” According to Stanley Shoemaker “We live the parallel reality in social media networks where an alternative World is emphasized, and millions of photos, adventures, claims and social statutes are related to a fictionalized image, and in locations and scenarios that we created with our own mobile devices.” The photographer asks this question to the audience with the works he produced: “How much of what we see is real?” The exhibition of Stanley Shoemaker named “Having Dream While Awake” that was opened in Turkey for the first time, meets with art lovers under the roof of the Fatih Municipality Istanbul Photography Museum.