Seyitömer Şehit Mahmut Şahinler Family Health Center Was Opened

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Name of the Martyr, who used to be Fatih resident, was given to the Family Health Center that was opened in the Street carrying his name. Seyitömer Şehit Mahmut Şahinler Family Health Center, which was built in the Seyitömer Neighborhood by the Fatih Municipality, was opened with a conducted ceremony.

AK Parti Istanbul Parliamentarian Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Kemal Memişoğlu, Ak Party Fatih District President Orhan Narin, Fatih Mufti Vehap Kapıcıoğlu, Deputy Mayors, city councilors, mother of the martyr Nadire Şahinler and the martyr’s relatives, and a large number of citizens attended to the opening ceremony that was hosted by Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver. The name of Mahmut Şahinler, who used to live in Fatih and fell a martyr in Mardin in 1992, was given to the health center that was opened in the street he used to live. Having spoken at the opening, Mayor Suver stated that the soldiers who fell martyr for their homeland will always live for the Turkish nation, and they will be always standing by the families of the martyrs and veterans. While it is aimed to serve 20 thousand people with the health center carrying the martyr’s name, there are 5 units at the center. 

"This has been a very good togetherness”

Mayor Suver, who stated that martyrs and veterans are always very valuable for the nation, said “First of all, martyrs don’t die according to our belief. Our duty is to keep them alive; therefore we brought the determination to live and immortal martyr together. This has been a very good togetherness. We plead for Allah’s mercy and grace for our martyr. And I wish health and wellness to all of my fellow townsman living here. Name of our martyr will live as long as this institution live.”

"Number of people per health center is about 13 thousand”

Mayor Suver stated that the population per family health center in Europe is about 20 thousand according to the 2004 data, but they fell below this number with the health centers built the district. Having stated that they aim at bringing the health units to a walking distance by opening more health centers, Mayor Suver said “There are 32 health centers for the population of 415 thousand living in Fatih. Number of people per each health center is about 13 thousand. Therefore, we achieved to maintain a good standard.”

"I am very pleased"

The mother of the martyr Nadire Şahinler stated that she is very happy because the name of his son will live with the center, and she said “I am very pleased, I thank to the Mayor and everyone. Long live the Homeland.”