14th Historical Peninsula Fatih Fish Festival Has Started

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14th of the Historical Peninsula Fatih Fish Festival, which is organized each year traditionally by Fatih Municipality and KUMDER, has started. Fish for 17 thousand people was served to the citizens in the first day of the festival, and the citizens fell in lines in order to take grilled fish sandwich.

The Historical Peninsula Festival, 14th of which was organized this year with the cooperation of the Fatih Municipality and KUMDER (Association For Solidarity of Kumkapı Touristic Restaurants and Artisans) in order to make contribution to the development of fishery and to increase the consumption of fish with the start of fish season, has started. Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, Deputy Mayors, Councilors, KUMDER members and a large number of citizens attended to the festival that was organized in the Kumkapı Square. While the 95th anniversary of the Istanbul’s liberation was celebrated in the festival, condolences were offered for the 8 soldiers who were martyrized in Batman, and some of the programs were canceled. Afterwards, plaques were presented to those who have contributed to the festival.

Governor Şahin and Mayor Suver are behind the fish counter

Governor Vasip Şahin and Mayor Hasan Suver, who got behind the grills where the fish was cooked, served fish to citizens who created long queues for meters in order to take grilled fish sandwiches. In the festival, some of the citizens lined up again for taking fish sandwiches. Citizens showed great interest to the festival where seafood for 17 thousand people were served such as mackerel, tunny fish, bream, sea bass, horse-mackerel, and fried cornbreaded anchovies.

“We cannot take advantage of the sea as we deserve”

In connection with providing support to fish consumption and fisherman, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin stated that “I congratulate the Fatih Municipality. The important thing here is to create awareness of fish. Fish is a very important food both for our youths and children in their development periods. It is quite natural. We all claim that we live in a country surrounded by the sea on its three sides, but we cannot take advantage of the sea as we deserve.”

Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver congratulated the liberation of Istanbul and said: ”Festivals are cheerful, but we are sorrowful. We have eight martyrs. We wish Allah’s mercy and grace for them. We are the children of a nation, whose ancestors are also martyrs. As our Mr. President says, their revenges will be taken. And they will be remembered with gratitude by our nation for ever and ever. And in fact they didn’t die, but they will continue to live.”

 “The attention and interest is extraordinary, and fish is also plentiful this year”

Having mentioned that the interest of citizens for seafood was pleasing, Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver said: “As you see, the attention and interest of citizens is extraordinary, and fish is also plentiful this year. As you know, fish is a culture. Istanbul is a city founded on a place where the seas and continents merge. We would like to consume fish, which is our most natural food, and popularize the fish culture in order to support our fishermen and to increase the fish consumption of our citizens.

Mackerel for 8 thousand people, tunny fish for 4 thousand people, fried horse-mackerel for 2 thousand 500 people, fried cornbreaded anchovies for 2 thousand 500 people, bream and sea brass for 2 thousand and 500 people will be served to citizens during the festival. A trolling competition with prize will be organized at the Galata Bridge on the second and last days of the festival. Competitors, who will catch the heaviest fish among the citizens casting their fishhooks to the sea from the Galata Bridge, will be awarded in a ceremony that will be held in the festival where almost 20 thousand seafood will be served to citizens.