Fatih Municipality Organizes the Public Day Every Week

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 05.02.2019
Organized by the Fatih Municipality every week and allowing the public to communicate their requests and expectations from the municipality directly to the Municipality Mayor, the "Public Day Meetings" continue.

Public day meetings held in the interior courtyard of Fatih Municipality Service Building allow the residents of Fatih to meet the Mayor of Fatih Municipality Hasan Suver personally. Municipality Mayor Hasan Suver stated that their objective is to communicate with all residents of Fatih directly and produce quick solutions to problems. 

Organized by Fatih Municipality to promote participation in local governance and to achieve joint solutions, Public Day Meetings allow the residents of Fatih to communicate their requests on any matter to Mayor Hasan Suver personally. Requests are communicated to respective directorates in the meeting attended by deputy mayors and the directors of all units. The mayor takes note of the forms prepared for the follow-up of requests in the meeting and for the finalization of works and communicates the same to the respective unit. Some requests are fulfilled immediately while matters which require time are followed through with the support of the forms prepared. Respective directorate follows through with the form where details regarding the citizen are available. Furthermore the public relations unit contacts the respective person using the information on the filed forms to obtain information about progress.